Easy Online Ordering.

PLEASE take a look at the information below. It will help answer questions about your order.
  • Please fill out one order per student, per school.
  • The system will ask you for a second childs name if you have one in the same school. We ask you just place one order per child. Ordering two kids photos on one order may cause confusion with your order.
  • Be sure to use your students LEGAL full name. If you use a nickname or something different than the school gives us, we will have a hard time matching up your order.
  • Sale Prices! EVERYTHING is on sale starting July 1st and ending on your picture day.
  • Orders after Picture Day are at our regular prices and are shipped to home with added shipping costs. Place your order by picture day if you can.
  • If you purchase a digital download and personalization the personalization will not be on the digitally downloaded picture.
  • Digital downloads have an expiration date of 60 days after delivery to school. You have 60 days of product being delivered to the school to download the digital Image.
  • CLASS COMPOSITES cannot be processed or printed until after your schools makeup day.

Common Questions

Background Choice

Q. Where can I order a different background?

A. Currently all of our schools choose to use one background. That background is our Classic Old Masters style hand painted background. You can see samples of the background in our sample portraits.

I ordered a digital image. How long do I have to download it?

Our digital images are set to expire 60 days from when the photographs are delievered to the school. There is no set universale expiration date as we do not photograph all of our schools on the same day. Please refer to the information card about your digital image located in your order envelope you recieved from the school. If you do not see your expiration date or misplaced it please give us a call or email and we will let you know!

How long does it take for my prepay online order to be ready?

Our prepay online orders are placed at the same time as the students who handed in a physical order packet. Best way to recieve your online order on time with the rest of the school is to order before your schools scheduled photo date.

How long do I have to place my online order?

EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE IS ON SALE JULY 1st AND THE SALE ENDS ON YOUR PICTURE DAY.. But dont worry. After picture day all of our products are still available at our regular prices. Whether you ordered or not, your child will bring home a blue envelope with an insert. On that insert will be instructions how to order pictures again. The insert will have a link and unique passcode for your student. If you have any questions, please refer to the insert or contact us.

I forgot to turn in my order packet on picture day. Now what?

You are more then welcome to still turn in your order packet into the school. They will inform us what you ordered and will mail us the order packet.

I didnt get an order packet. Where can I get one?

We always print off extra order forms for our schools for this very reason. Stop into the office and grab an order form, fill it out, and enclose a payment. Make sure you mark on the order packet what you would like to order along with your students information.

I have more than one child in the same school. Can I write one check for all my kids??

We HIGHLY prefer and recommend you fill out a check for each and every child you may have in that school or school district. If you write one check for all your kid’s in that school or district it is likely one of the children or more will not receive their photos as we have not received payment of their pictures. So to save time and troubles please write multiple checks. Thank you!

I ordered a class composite and have not received it yet! Where is it?

Our class pictures are always the last product to be pushed out the door and off to the schools. We have to wait until the retakes have been taken for us to start the proofing process of the class pictures. Part of the process involves the school proofing each of the class composites. In other words it just takes time. We always work to get them to the students as soon as we can. “Usually” they will arrive during December and January.

What is your retake policy?

Anyone needing their photo retaken for the reasons below are welcome to visit us on retake day. HOWEVER in order to receive your updated photo order, you must return the original photo package with your complete original order of prints and products inside the envelope.

If the issues is because of a photographer error, we will be happy to provide your retakes at no cost. Again you must bring your original order in the blue envelope.

Most photographer issues that are retaken at no cost…

  • Closed eyes
  • Light failure
  • Fly on nose (it happens)
  • Hair in face

Any retakes based on the above list are covered and does not require a retake fee.

Retakes needed because of something out of the photographers control, we ask for a $5 fee. Here is a list of common retake issues…

  • No smile? (As hard as we try, we cant force anyone to smile)
  • Fake smile? (It happens and again we always try to get a genuine smile)
  • Slouching or bad posture (We always do our best to get good posture)
  • Wrong shirt? For the little ones we work with the teachers when we can to make sure what they are wearing is for the pictures. Please make sure your child knows what to wear.
  • Hair messed up? That is a personal thing. So many kids have crazy hair now, we dont know what the parents want for sure. If it looks to abnormal, we will ask the student to try and correct it. If available, we will ask a school staff person to assist.
  • School Time Photos has a “No Touch Policy”. Sadly in todays society we have to be more careful than normal. So please do your best to have your child prepped for photos.

So why a suggested $5 retake fee? All of our photos are already sold at super discounted prices. When you return your packet along with the fee, the $5 does no more than to cover the cost of the new photos. If you have any questions, please contact us.