Let us help with your school picture day

Ok I will admit we are not perfect. Mistakes happen. What I can and do promise you is that we will address any and all issues no matter where the fault lies. Our family staff does everything we can to make your school picture day experience an easy one. After each photo season we (the owners) like to visit our schools and find out how did it go? Do we need to make adjustments? We promise you will get 100% of our support.

Chad, Becky, Cameron, Zecyn Phillips


Everything we do revolves around your school data. The more timely and accurate your data is, the better our day will go.
Our customer service team is the best. We handle all email and phone calls in a timely manner. No call center here, just family people answering the phones.

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Although our calendar runs pretty full, any school that calls us, we work with them to make sure we can schedule a school picture day that works for all of us!
Our photo team will arrive on time to load in and get setup early. Our office will be in constant contact with you up to picture day to help you know who is coming and any other details
There is A LOT that happens after your picture day. We need to cull them, enter any orders and get them all sent off to our lab. Our standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, usually sooner.
There are no salesmen on our staff. Toward the end of the photo season, one of our owners will come around to each school to see how we did and are there any ways we can improve or help you.

Picture Day Experts

School Pictures is what we do. School Time Photos is equipped and staffed to handle any size of school or district. At each school we send a team (yes more than 1 person) to take care of business. Our teams always do their best to make sure we are out of the building by lunch time.

Class Composites

Class Composites are a BIG part of our business. As soon as we are done with your makeup day, we go to work on designing the class composites so that we can get them to the students as soon as we can!


  • Year-to-year contracts, no long-term commitments
  • You design, or our professional design team can for you
  • Multiple cover options
  • A design team specialized in yearbooks

Interested? We hope so. Please call us. We would love to meet with you. As always no salesman pressure 🙂